JetPay is a secure and PCI- compliant internet payment processor, and they are your vehicle to getting paid. When you set up your WeRTeachers account, you’ll be asked to enter your banking information, such as account and routing number.

We charge 25% of whatever you decide to set as your tutoring rates. We’re happy to say that that is an industry low. We’re proud to be offering a high-quality service while keeping it affordable for everyone.

The minimum is $40 an hour for online lessons and $50 an hour for in-person lessons. The maximum is up to $500 per hour for either lesson type.

You should take a few things into account when you set your rates. For online and in-person lessons, you should think about your experience and the demand for your subject, as well as the demographics of your area.

Teachers get paid within 72 hours of each completed lesson.

Payment is directly deposited into the checking account you’ve setup in the WeRTeachers platform via JetPay.

No; you are paid as an independent contractor and are responsible for paying all necessary taxes on your earnings. However, JetPay keeps track of all this for you and gives you a 1099 at the end of the year.


The most important way students find you is by ‘Subject’, so please fill out the ‘Subjects’ tab of your profile in detail. The second way students find you is by ‘Location’, so if you do in-person teaching, please make sure the ‘Location’ tab of your profile is also filled out. Also, since students get to choose the location of in-person lessons, your ‘Location’ is not likely to be where they will actually meet you.

Note: There is a Google Map of your primary location, so please ensure to use a public address when setting up your primary location for convenience and privacy.

The location tab is the way of getting found when students search for nearby teachers if they are looking for in-person tutoring. You can set up multiple locations but one location must always be set as ‘primary’ and this will be used for the directory search and Google Map in your public profile. ‘Location’ is not where your in-person lessons will take place.

You should write a short paragraph describing your teaching experience and including some details that give a sense of your personality. The ‘About’ section is not a resume or a biography, however, students will look at it to decide if you are a good match for their needs educationally and a good match for them as far as your interests and personality are concerned. Please be sure to spell-check and proofread your ‘About’ section, since it will definitely affect how interested families are in working with you.

This would be a great place to put any special certifications, academic or any other documentation you may have for administrative purposes.

It needs to be an .mp4 or a .mov file. Videos should also be short - no more than one minute. Also, since we screen and approve all videos, it might take a little bit for us to get your video up and live.

No, not at this time. You can make a video on your phone, tablet, or computer, however, and upload that. As with online sessions, please make sure that there is nothing in the background of your video that would be inappropriate in a classroom.

It needs to be a .jpg, .png or .gif image.

The easiest solution is to rotate your picture and try uploading again. This almost always solves the problem.

Sure, any time you want! Just keep in mind that we approve all pictures, so it might take a short while before your new picture is up and live!

If you choose to not provide in-person lessons, simply do not place a rate in your profile. If you already placed an in-person rate and chose to stop doing in-person lessons, simply put a ‘0’ in the rate box and click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.

If you choose to not provide online lessons, simply do not place a rate in your profile. If you already placed an online hourly rate and chose to stop doing online lessons, simply put a ‘0’ in the rate box and click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.

If there is something similar, select that. For example, if you teach Algebra 1B, you could check the box for ‘Algebra.’ However, if there is nothing similar on the list to the class you teach and would like to tutor, send an email to We are constantly updating our list of subjects, and we may be able to accommodate you.


Printable step-by-step instructions are located here.

After accepting a lesson request, meet the student at the designated time and place. Right before beginning the lesson, open up WRT on a laptop, tablet or phone. Go to your Lesson Request page and click on the lesson in question. Once in the lesson detail page, click the button to start the lesson, which will start a timer. Then, simply keep this open until the lesson is complete. When the lesson is complete, stop the timer. When you have a moment, be sure to fill out the Student Feedback Form. The more detailed the feedback, the better.

Don’t worry, you’re still going to receive payment for the lesson. Please contact as soon as possible so we can manually validate and complete the workflow of a completed lesson.

Lighting, background, and audibility are the three most important things to focus on. As far as lighting is concerned, make it as bright as possible, and don’t put a bright light source right behind you--it will make you look like a shadow. For the background, make sure it’s professional and appropriate. Students notice everything, so your background should not have anything in it that would not be okay in a classroom setting. You should find a quiet space to work from, where you will be clearly audible and students will not be distracted by background noise.

We encourage users to test and troubleshoot their video settings prior to starting all online lessons using the tools we provide in your dashboard. If any additional technical or billing issues arise, feel free to contact us at or call 1-(844)-835-1555.

Please contact and contact the student immediately. Additionally, try to reschedule your lesson with the student, whenever possible.

Please proceed as you would if the inappropriate behavior occurred in a classroom. If the inappropriate behavior was serious enough that in a classroom you would have the student removed from the room, feel free to end the tutoring session. But, please also let us know right away by emailing with a complete description of the incident.

No, you can use whatever resources you have developed that work for you when you have a lesson. However, should you ever have a question or want guidance on a particular subject or concept, don’t hesitate to reach out to

We ask that you show respect for the strategies of the students’ classroom teachers. As a jumping-off point, please ask the student how their teacher is approaching a subject. That doesn’t mean you have to use only the approaches that the teacher uses, but it does mean (just as an example) that if the teacher has required that the thesis statement be the first sentence of the introduction, you should not tell the student to make it the last sentence of the introduction. And, as tutors, we do not do students’ work or write their papers for them. As a guideline, any kind of help you would give a student in your class if they came in for a one-on-one meeting is a fine level of help for you to offer a student you are tutoring.


Yes, please contact Please try to do this as soon as possible. We may not be able to accommodate you if you wait until right before your first online lesson.

Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

Remember to change your time zone for lessons during the time you will be away from home, this can be done in the Calendar page of your dashboard. And, if you do in-person tutoring, change your ‘primary’ location to where you will be when you are travelling.

Certainly, and thank you! Click here for flyers you can print and either hand out or post on bulletin boards.


Please do what you would do if the situation occurred in a classroom, contact the parents, inform your state’s organization in charge of protecting child welfare or, if the situation merits it, call 911. Please also let us know of the problem by emailing

It is our core belief at WeRTeachers that trained educators make the best tutors. There are many individuals who have never step foot in a classroom that are excellent tutors - we acknowledge this - but we believe that a company built around passionate, classroom educators who tutor delivers something unique and reliable.

Teachers who contract with WeRTeachers are just that - teachers. Most are classroom teachers, retired teachers, or educators who work in classrooms every day. Teachers understand education, pedagogy, best practices, and how to differentiate their instruction to reach individual learners. WeRTeachers teachers understand the broad scope of education - they know where a student has been, where they are currently, and where they are going. Teachers are passionate, and they are up to date on evolving curricular standards and best practices in education because that is their passion! WeRTeachers contracts with a broad range of teachers who teach different age levels, different subjects, have various areas of expertise, and have different ways of reaching students. ALL our teachers are independently background checked, interviewed, and must pass our thorough review process. Whatever your student’s academic needs - whether catching up, zooming ahead, preparing for a test, or just learning new skills - there are teachers at WeRTeachers that are a perfect match!

Our search process is simple and allows you to connect with our vast network of teachers to find your perfect match. Simply enter your student’s grade level, indicate whether you’re looking for in-person or online tutoring and click search! Next, use the additional filters to indicate subject of interest and sub-category if any. Then browse through teachers’ profiles, and find the person you think is right for you. On a teacher’s profile you will find their bio, areas of proficiency and expertise, introductory video, calendar, location, and hourly rate.

Each teacher has their own calendar and availability right up front on their profile. Simply find a time that works for you and send a request to the teacher. The teacher will get back to you with a confirmation usually within a couple hours - provided the request is made during one’s waking hours! If a request is made later in the evening, the teacher will usually confirm the session by the following morning. Very rarely will a teacher decline a session, and this will usually happen if a request is made at the last minute. Most of the time the teacher will try and reschedule with you for another time that works better.

In-person tutoring sessions take place anywhere you and your teacher decide. All our teachers are background checked and have experience working with students, so if you are confident to invite them into your home then you may absolutely do so. If a lesson occurs at your home, an adult absolutely must be present. You and your teacher may also choose to meet at a library, coffee shop, or wherever is convenient.

Sessions can also take place anywhere through our robust online teaching platform. Wherever you have an internet connection you can meet with a teacher for some real-time learning.

When it’s time for your lesson, both you and your teacher will click a link within your lesson manager and enter your virtual teaching lesson. Our platform is very flexible and compatible with most computer operating systems and mobile devices.

As a student, you are encouraged to share as much with your teacher as you can to prepare him or her for your lesson. For example, you might share photos of your math problems, a project rubric, or a test study guide. During your lesson, you and your teacher may also collaborate on documents, you will have access to a shared whiteboard through WRT, and you may also use good old fashioned human communication. Printable step-by-step instructions are located here.

While we obviously encourage you to not cancel a lesson, we understand that stuff comes up in life. For that reason, a customer may cancel a scheduled lesson without penalty at any time up until one hour before a scheduled lesson. If you still must cancel and it is within one hour of a scheduled session, you will be charged one half of the teacher’s listed rate.

Sure. It shouldn’t happen often, but teachers have lives too and sometimes things come up. As with customer cancellations, if a teacher has to cancel they will try their best to reschedule the appointment for another time that will work. If you are having trouble finding a replacement teacher for a time-sensitive appointment, feel free to contact student support, and we will do everything we can to assist.

When you register with WeRTeachers, your credit card information will be safely stored with our PCI-compliant payment processor, JetPay.

When your lesson request is accepted by the teacher, the teacher’s fee will be charged to your credit card. If you have to cancel your lesson within the required time limits, the money will be returned to your card.

No, all payments must be made through WeRTeachers. We thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Teachers that provide their services on are selected after a rigorous application process. ALL our teachers are independently background checked, interviewed, and trained to help your student meet their academic goals. Whether that is catching up, zooming ahead, preparing for a test, or just learning new skills - there are teachers at WeRTeachers that are a perfect match!

Yes. All of our teachers pass a thorough independent background check.

If you believe your account was deactivated by mistake or due to error, please feel free to contact WeRTeachers at and 1-(844)-835-1666. Or send us a message from the Contact Us form! You will receive response within 48 hours.

In a family membership, a child account is created and assigned for an individual student. Using this account type, you can specify your child’s academic needs, keep track of your student’s previous lessons, and review post-lesson feedback from teachers. You can also write about your child to give teachers an idea of the type of learner they are.

Any and all students are welcome to use WeRTeachers!

All of our teachers are professional, working, or retired educators. They all go thru a rigorous selection process prior to activation and you can always review their profile in the directory to see their academic qualifications.

We give our teachers the freedom to set their own rates, travel radius, and tutoring availability. Some teachers will charge different rates based on type of lesson or travel.

No. We do not guarantee that your student will pass any specific test or earn any certain grade. However, we do guarantee that our teachers will help your student become a better learner and better enable them to achieve their academic goals. How and when this will happen will be different for every student.

No. However, you and a teacher may arrange to meet in a public place for a tutoring session.

Absolutely! Be sure to search for teachers who specialize in TESL/ESL/ELL.

Yes we do. Be sure to search for teachers who specialize in time management, organizational skills, and study habits.

Setting up a regular time with a teacher is highly recommended. Feel free to request multiple dates and times with your preferred teacher.

If you have a stable internet connection, updated web browser, speakers and a microphone, you’ll be set! Online lessons take place using an interactive digital classroom that includes video, audio, screen sharing, document sharing, and a digital whiteboard.