We're not the only ones excited happy about WeRTeachers...

Founded by classroom teachers, we have a unique understanding of the tools needed to make an online lesson as effective as possible. Our dynamic and intuitive teaching tools have been engineered to provide efficiency and flexibility for interactive 21st century learning.

WeRTeachers is the #1 Tutoring Platform

WRT features make it easier to replicate the classroom experience!

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Video Conferencing

Our live, face-to-face video tool helps establish a real connection between teachers and students, creating the foundation of academic growth. Teachers and students feel as if they’re right next to one another, even though they may be in different states!
Additionally, our premium members maintain recordings of all their lessons to watch on-demand.

Virtual Whiteboard

Our custom and interactive virtual whiteboard enables students and teachers to write and draw simultaneously. This creates a true collaborative environment that stimulates learning. We have integrated a wide array of tools to let the users express and annotate concepts, formulas, diagrams, and more, quickly and easily.

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Live Chat

Teachers and students can communicate using this feature to supplement their video tutoring lesson. It is a useful method to quickly share formulas, algorithms, documents and links. It also comes in handy if a student is in a library or another place where they need to monitor their sound levels. Our live chat is user friendly and comparable to most popular chats found on social media networks… we even have emojis!!!

Screen Sharing

Teachers and students can activate this feature to share any document, image, or program from their screen instantaneously. This provides tremendous flexibility for our teachers so they can perform their craft as well as possible. Recordings of the screen sharing are also available to play back for Premium accounts.

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