News Flash to Schools! Tutoring Happens!

The numbers don’t lie, and more students than ever are seeking outside tutoring help to supplement their education. The challenge for schools is that not all tutoring services are alike, and many are simply not very good. Tutors often undermine the classroom teacher, teach simple tricks to “get the answer,” or err on the side of doing a students’ work for them as their primary goal is making parents happy, which means getting tasks completed (no matter how it’s done!).

Becoming a WeRTeachers Partner School is an opportunity to partner with an education company that values authentic education, reinforcing classroom learning, and values the acquisition of skills and knowledge over simply getting tasks completed. Furthermore, WeRTeachers Partner Schools earn money over time to be donated back to the school itself or to a charitable organization of the school’s choice.

Here’s how it works:

  • WeRTeachers Partner Schools officially certify the WeRTeachers platform as their preferred supplemental teaching platform.
  • A Partner School’s teachers and students join the WeRTeachers platform using the school’s unique access code, linking them to the school’s community within the platform.
  • WeRTeachers Partner Schools receive 5% of the company fee from ALL services originating within their community – both students and teachers – to be donated back to a school’s general fund, a specific development fund, or a preferred charitable organization

Joining as a WeRTeachers Partner School enables an institution to partner with a company that shares their values. It also enables an institution to exert control over the tutoring space to ensure their students who do seek outside help are getting top quality teaching that reinforces, rather than undermines, their classroom instruction. Finally, becoming a WeRTeachers Partner School facilitates easy extra income for a school’s faculty – fostering goodwill and sending a positive message to teachers.

If your school is interested in becoming a WeRTeachers Partner School, please click below to get the process started!

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